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Iphone 4 Button Not Working


So, it's quite possible that you might have inadvertently shifted some things out of place plugging and unplugging that 30-pin connecter everyday. If you dropped your device or something and the home button broke at your fault, there is still a chance they might replace it. I put several drops of isopropyl alcohol on the button which formed a little pool that spilled ~1/2 inch over onto the adjacent glass. charlesholt - 09/17/2011 Reply Just wondering if it is possible and where to get one of those indicators edward - 10/02/2011 Reply what are you talking about here??? this contact form

It is easier to see if you click on the view huge link to blow up the photo. What is it for? This is indeed a great help. Applying Windex in connectors or sockets of any type will almost certainly destroy components in your phone.

Iphone 4 Home Button Replacement

thank you so much!! Open any application. Before reassembly, clean metal-to-metal contact points with a de-greaser such as windex. Before reassembly, be sure to clean all metal-to-metal contact points on the connector cover with a de-greaser such as Windex.

I found a "tip" on a different site that showed it going between the rear-facing camera and the logic board! I have 4s and I just discovered it on my phone. Anthony Berkow - 06/22/2013 Reply Print this image out (step 13) - trust me, you'll need it later! Iphone Home Button Stuck I can't believe it lol.

Your iPhone 4 rear cover may have either two #000 Phillips screws or Apple's 5-Point "Pentalobe" screws (second image). Iphone 4 Home Button On Screen Thanks again! I don't want to re assemble everything without fixing this home button!!! It will temporarily help with responsiveness in general, but it's not a permanent solution.

Kelvin Leong - 09/11/2010 Reply The cross on top of the screw on my phone is all messed up - not from me stripping it, it just looks like a manufacturing Iphone Home Button Repair Cost Reply Jarrod October 17, 2012 at 6:15 pm Yes there appear to be many causes for an unresponsive home button. Tried he USB thing. It's been ages since that home button agreed to work!

Iphone 4 Home Button On Screen

Any suggestions on how to get this screw to thread w/o doing the extra steps?

Now it is working great. Iphone 4 Home Button Replacement Share Tweet How to fix a broken iPhone Home button - even on the iPhone 7! Home Button Not Working On Iphone 6 Thank you so much for the help!!! 12/29/2011 by Lisa Myers hey..

When reassembling the motherboard, ensure that its edge sits under the circled standoff, otherwise the screws will not fit. Daniel - 02/08/2014 Reply When I came to reassemble at this step, I noticed the 1.4mm screw no longer had anything to screw to. What is the function of this piece? Yeah, it adds cost to the project and you would have to wait for delivery, but it sure makes a world of difference in seeing what you are working with / Home Button Not Working Android

Reply 1 Ayie Salvador 1 year ago Twist and spin worked for me, too!! :-) Reply 1 Sher Dantzer 1 year ago Here's what worked for me: Hold light pressure on Screws so small I can't see if it is turning or screw driver is properly seated. Again thank you!!! Yes No Voted Undo Score 4 Cancel Comments: Do you still feel the "clicking" action when you press it? 06/27/2011 by Scott Head Yes, I feel clicks.

It doesn't matter whether you hit the power button before, you do it within a default App or on the lock screen. Home Button Not Working On Ipad The reason why I say don't use an implement to try lift the battery is because far too many times I've seen punctured & bent batteries come in to this workshop Reply diego December 24, 2012 at 9:53 pm NICE im was so pissed off with it and finally fixed it but i still got that feeling that it might lag stop

If you are installing a new rear panel, be sure to remove the plastic protective sticker from the inside of the camera lens and the sticker from the large black area

Henry - 12/04/2011 Reply This is the only part that was a little tricky for me. powers74 - 09/19/2014 Reply It's probably the nut for the yellow screw of step 13. revher - 09/19/2014 you have to remove the battery for digitizer replacement, however i would suggest removing it at the very last stage, i.e. Iphone Home Button Single Click Not Working It will become opaque when pressed, then turn transparent if left alone for a short while.

If the glass is cracked (which it probably is since you're replacing it) removing the panel is likely to cause it to bend, kicking off small shards of glass. For certain models of iPhone (particularly the old iPhone 4, although some more recent iPhones have been affected too) this is a common complaint, but we may be able to offer Reply Percival Mchunu October 24, 2012 at 8:25 am Magic, absolute magic. My New iPhone 5 home button worked about half the time.

Then as now,Device tookyou through to further options such as volume controls. Reply F. Steve or someone -- can you explain what is meant by this? Thanks again. 08/19/2012 by jane than q so much !!!!!!!!!!!

unklbyl unklbyl - 02/05/2011 Reply Windex didn't work well for me for degreasing the connections. It's the fastest and easiest method for fixing your Home button, though, it won't work for everyone. budgetbooksfl - 08/23/2013 Reply Add a comment Add Comment 1024 Step 9 Edit Use an iPod opening tool to gently pry the dock cable connector up off the logic board from Be careful, if the home button sticks to the front panel you may tear the home button cable.

jett - 06/26/2014 Reply Referring to the exact screw that is circled in red, I cannot seem to get this particular screw to thread properly during the reassemble process. It made the connections worse in fact. My experience was that while most of the broken screen came off, there were many smaller pieces which were stuck to the area around the home button as well as the This is what happened to me.