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Iphone 4 Home Button Not Working Fix


it takes about 20 times of reapplying alcohol until it fixed! Not sure if this area is prone to getting wet, but be warned. Just FYI. This is a remake of a previous video I did earlier on my iPhone where I covered fixing the home button. Check This Out

This worked! With the availability of so many different apps and tweaks available in the Cydia store, jailbreakers can pretty much render their iPhone's home button obsolete.Here is a list of apps that Reply 2 J. i got my home button back in the second step.

Home Button Not Working On Iphone 6

After some head-scratching on my part, I removed the adhesive membrane (tape) and hoped I wasn't removing something important. Demetre - 09/08/2013 Reply If you use a hair dryer to soften the glue, it seems to do the trick. Baker 1 year ago Twist and spin worked for me also....Thanks Reply 1 jiji raj 1 year ago Twist and spin worked for me also....Thank you..... Screws so small I can't see if it is turning or screw driver is properly seated.

No more frustrating "fixes" or voodoo. I realize afterwards there was therefore no point removing this screw, but I did remove (and put it back afterwards) by holding onto the loose post/washer with tweezers to prevent it I don't know why they just did not suggest this trick. Iphone 5s Home Button Not Working After Screen Replacement I left it out, and my touchscreen had all sorts of problem.

Reply 1 Khadeem Brooks 1 year ago TWIST AND SPIN IS THE WAY TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!! It seems more responsive...hope it lasts! Using a cotton swab, eye dropper, or tissue, apply 2-3 drops of the isopropyl alcohol directly to the home button, avoiding the screen.


Go to Settings>General and turn on Multitasking Gestures. Iphone Home Button On Screen Then blow more and clean it as much as you can. When replacing my home button, I noticed this rubber piece fall out of the phone, and couldn't figure out where it went. Works again after two years.

Iphone Home Button Repair Cost

I was about to throw my iphone out the window on the freeway! It should work. Home Button Not Working On Iphone 6 Need of help, Please aggiphixit - 01/20/2015 Reply Add a comment Add Comment 1024 Step 24 Edit Remove the three large-headed 1.5 mm Phillips screws along the volume button side of Home Button Not Working Android Reply Debbie January 14, 2013 at 6:32 pm Thank you so much, home button on my almost new replacement iPad was not responding right away and decided to try this before

Worked second time i tried, the home button is back in the game! his comment is here I am glad to see there is a DIY guide to fixing it. Do not clean the connectors themselves with Windex. 10 comments watch for the connector cover here - it tends to be quite "springy" and may fly towards you when you attempt Have a data backup just in case. Iphone Home Button Stuck

Reply Meesh November 26, 2012 at 8:17 pm Re-calibrating worked, my home key on my iphone is now working much better. Thanks again! Doing this definitely seems to have made it more quick to respond. Stuck now.

Reply 1 Jacqueline Adams 1 year ago The "Twist and Spin" technique fixed the broken home button to my little sister's ipod. Home Button Not Working On Ipad How to fix Home button issues in a Verizon or Sprint iPhone 4 How to fix Home button issues in an iPhone 3G or iPhone 3GS The iPhone 3G and iPhone BIG THANKS, GOD BLESS YOU Reply Anonymous December 24, 2014 at 8:50 am It worked for me .

It's not so much around the 4.8mm screw as it actually part of the assembly where the 4.8 mm screw is tightened.

Before reassembly, be sure to clean all metal-to-metal contact points between the EMI fingers and the internal frame as well as the brass screw mounting point with a de-greaser such as Before you do this step, cover the front with clear tape, then perform the actual removal over a trash can. More like your iPads way of telling you it's time you quit your sloppy habits and start paying a bit on my attention on me as well. Iphone 5 Home Button Replacement The reason we probably see more GSM iPhone 4 Home button repairs is because it's been available longer than the CDMA variant.

Vit Rozehnal - 11/09/2013 Reply It won't hurt anything. I found this the hardest part of the whole reassemble process. patricia this works fine if it did not shut itself off. after three to four times of recalibrating it, my home button started to work normally.

Tapping the button gives you six options: Home, Siri, Custom, Notification Centre, Device and Control Centre, and between them they should allow you to accomplish anything for which you used the just twist and spin....thank-you Reply 2 John Pierre 2 years ago Thank u Mr.Blogger! :)Now its much better n fixed Reply 2 María Rho 2 years ago You have just made gregjames - 07/06/2012 Reply This was absolutely the hardest part - had to do it over many times. Please do not glue either piece on.

So I didn't install it back. I even bought a new screen and had similar problems after putting that in. Mine fell off, and I have no idea where to put it back on to. Can you repair the device yourself?

Download our iOS app About Contact Us Write for Us Submit App or Accessory for Review Disclaimer Privacy Policy © The content is copyrighted and may not be reproduced without permission. This made it very easy to have all parts in their original positions -- no need to fiddle with the battery cable or contact clip afterwards. grze - 12/12/2010 using something like the 18-compartment tray will GREATLY help with this one; there are over a dozen groups of parts. Now I know what the problem probably is I have a couple of strategies to try.

I tried it with Notes but you can also launch Calendar, Reminders, or anything else. antonvbondarev - 05/02/2014 There is a washer under the plate that is held together by the 1.4mm Philips. BradfordB - 09/29/2013 Reply Since my screen was shattered, let's face it which is the main reason to replace the screen, it completely came apart around the button. Faux Fix: On-Screen Home ButtonIf all of these other methods fail and your Home button simply does not function, you always have the option to enable the on-screen Home button.

That works okay, better than spending $99 for a replacement.