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Ipod Touch Screen Wet Not Working


Another thing you can try, during or after the drying period, is to leave it charging for at least 24h straight and see if that helps. would they do something for them? :cry:" According to the article it should be in rice for 24 to 48 hours. my ipod touch got just a tad wet and the screen turned white! PLEASE HELLPPPP!!!! 🙁 Natalie Mhae Oliver that just happened to me!

It is a lot more up to date information. :-) 06/29/2015 by Ged Letting it dry out is a terrible idea. Also, the backround shows a bunch of water droplets instead of Earth. I mean, the salt will remain once the water is gone. it is now in my moms car, I don't have access to it until 5:45. recommended you read

How To Get Water Out Of Ipod 5

Assuming some got in and shorted out your devise you will need to reset it when it dries. View the answer I have this problem too Subscribed to new answers Is this a good question? Don't use anything more intense than low power, though. my ipod witch is the 4th generation has a giant gray spot on the left side of my ipod and im not quite sure what to do i need help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Cool

Then woke up 2 hrs later and couldnt make it work at all. Reply HowJunction says: November 18, 2010 at 12:21 am You’ve thrown your shorts into the washing pile and forgotten to remove your iPod from the pocket. I thought for sure it was dead. How To Fix A Water Damaged Ipod Touch 5th Generation Mark Gibson My son left his ipod in his shorts and they went through the washing machine.  I taped the ipod to the back of a dehumidifier and let it run

You are using the rice as a dissecant. Reply Kayana Wolz says: September 17, 2012 at 11:14 am Wht if u put it in rice? Just a note, when I got my iPod touch wet, after using this method I had to plug it into the computer to start. The reason your iPod shuts off when it gets hot is to keep it from catching fire.

You can try other drying methods (like the rice method), and just holding it in a warm place for about a week and keep trying. Ipod Fell In Water Wont Turn On This is a significant purchase that has possibly seen its last Words With Friends session. Rody Davis 56,537 views 3:43 Three best ways to fix a wet iPhone - Duration: 8:27. George Hammerton The bag of rice trick has worked well for me in the past and I'm now collecting every precious packet of cilia gel, just in case Thanks for a

What To Do If Your Ipod Gets Wet And Wont Turn On

Weird thing is before I couldn't turn it off, so i figured it was frying away.

Thanks for the info Bob E A little off track with this one: I install wireless internet connections in rural areas One day I was ALMOST done with a job when How To Get Water Out Of Ipod 5 I don't know how long it was left there but it looked like it was left there for quite a few hours! Water Damaged Ipod Touch 5 Repair Rate this article: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ How to Repair a Wet iPod, 3.50 / 5 (10 votes) You need to enable JavaScript to vote Mail this article Print this

It also said use rice. check over here did monster kill my ipod? 🙁 Reply Jiamin says: October 22, 2010 at 7:46 pm HELP! Remember to not turn your iPod on throughout the drying process. 5.At the end of the drying process switch your iPod on. Step 1 – The iPod needs to be turned off immediately (if it is still on). Ipod Water Damage Repair Cost

Taylor Last night I'd placed my iPod touch on the arm of the couch and it slipped off. Took it out and shook it gently to take the excess water and called my daughter she said to put in the sun and rice. hope it gets the water out. I hesitated, but did it.

i left it to air dry for about a month and it still wont work. Dropped Ipod Touch In Water of course it absorbs water. The driver's road negotiating skills were apparently not a worthy adversary to the derelict roads in the part of Nairobi we were in and the overloaded bike.

the volume was acting crazy..

The ringer tone was working somehow but the songs and camera shutter sounds, lock sounds etc did not worked. Is there anything else i can do to try and save his "Pock" (my son calls it that). May 11 by robotix my answer is below robotix, there are other answers below, mine is one of them. How To Fix A Wet Ipod Touch 5th Generation Not so fast the screen was not responsive.

memenode Take it to a specialist to take a look, as the article says. 🙂 If it could still be fixed cheaply it's probably worth it. its charging though, if i put it in my ipod dock it will play the music library it last played. I'd try the silica packets option first). rahul Yeah I dint know wat to do and tried to turn it on but the screenw as already black and water logged.I could see a lot of water.I panicked.I aint

Katy water leaked into my ipod at least 9 months ago and I just hoped it would be ok but when there was 20% left I plugged it in but it October 26, 2016 Why We Progress October 24, 2016 What is this election teaching us about us? I plugged it into my laptop and it shows an apple. A-M-A-Z-E-D try it it worked for me LOLOLOLOL Ken G Never got my iPhone wet. Dania haha! jtc Hi-I had my ipod touch in my bag with a not-so-tight water bottle and it got it wet. but how long do i have to wait for it? renee ps it has no water in it adrian take it out of the light for a couple of minuets adrian then put i back in.

I also did what most people would do, clicked the home button to see if it would work. I will take four dishes, two with one cup of rice; one covered one uncovered. It can work for some people (it's worked for me), but you can also damage your device this way. When I finally charged i,t it popped on and and worked fairly well for about 3 days.

I was drenched, completely submerged. You know as humans we have no patience. Please help! Cancel Add your answer kathy will be eternally grateful.