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Interactive Whiteboard Pens Not Working


This setting is handy if the interactive whiteboard gets moved or jostled during a presentation. To update the appliance firmware Download the latest appliance firmware version from Unplug the short wire underneath the pen tray. Press the video button on the projector remote to switch the input source to the DVD.

Solid red The ACP isn’t receiving power and isn’t communicating with the projector. You can choose an orientation level that best matches your need for time and precision. Your cache administrator is webmaster. No, but you can share your Notebook file with others who don’t have SMART Board software by saving your file as a PDF, as HTML files, or as a series of

Smartboard Pens Not Working

What’s the problem? Then select the SMART interactive product you want to connect to and press Connect. Important The USBcable can not exceed 13' (4 m).To extend the connection to the guest laptop further than 13' (4 m), use the proper extensions, such as the Cat 5 USBextender. SMART Recorder FAQs Do I need any special equipment to use SMART Recorder?

If there is an update click to update your software and follow the on-screen directions. Contact SMART Support for further assistance. To connect a guest laptop, see Connecting a guest laptop. Smart Board M600 Pen Tray Not Working Don’t record complex graphics or animations.

To change your Windows computer resolution setting From the Start menu, select Settings > Control Panel. To add a button to the Floating Tools Press the More button. When a screen saver becomes active, the Display Control tells the projector lamp or flat-panel display to switch off. When you are finished using PowerPoint, bring the SMART Ink tools back by going to the Start Screen on your computer or device.

For more information, see the textless installation guide included with your interactive whiteboard system with appliance, or go to Smart Board Touch Recognition Not Working If your computer performance decreases while you’re recording, you might want to try a higher-performance video card. To disable the serial mouse Right-click the My Computer icon and select Properties. Normally, the two surfaces touch when you press the screen with your finger or a pen tray tool, forming a brief point of contact.

Smart Board Touch Screen Not Working

To connect your laptop, open LinQ software and type your name. How can I clean it off? Smartboard Pens Not Working For additional information concerning the security changes in Windows XP SP2, see the Windows XP SP2 ReadMe file, or visit the Microsoft Knowledge Base at Smart Board Pen Won't Write Plug the other end into the charge jack located under the center of the electronics.

If you’re using Notebook software version 9.1 or later, you can open a Notebook file that was created in an earlier version. Check This Out After 2 minutes, the pen goes into a trickle charge and the LED will turn red. How can I fix this? Added on Thu, Sep 2, 2010 Subscribe to Article Print Article Email Article to Friend Export to PDF Article Rating (3 Votes) You've Already Voted. Smartboard Pens Don't Write

Every month, we add new collections and lesson activities, so check back often. Resetting the projector At some point during troubleshooting, you might need to reset the projector settings to its factory default settings. LinQ software uses two components: LinQ software on a laptop and SMART Board 9.x software with the Mobile Device Manager open on the interactive product. Source Subscribe to knowledgebase Get notified when new articles are added to the knowledgebase.

Go to smart settings>hardware settings>(drop-down) mouse and gesture settings> select ʺdefaultʺ button then Apply and Save. Promethean Activboard Pen Not Working What is LinQ software and how can I use it? Can I install SMART Board software on a computer that isn’t connected to a SMART interactive product?

How can I fix this?

Replace the gray wire with a wire from a board that is working. To troubleshoot your interactive whiteboard, see However, if you’re outside North America, SMART may be able to provide you with an appropriate power supply for your country. Promethean Board Not Working The warnings that may appear when you open the SMART Board software Help don’t apply, because the Help doesn’t access the Internet even though it opens in a browser.

Use the remote control to reset the projector (see Resetting the projector). You must orient the interactive screen after you’ve changed the resolution. If the software is giving you problems updating the software can help in many instances.What do the lights mean on my ActivBoard?The flame on the ActivBoard changes colors to communicate various have a peek here Next, pick up a pen tray pen and see if the LED over the tool slot illuminates.

Connect the DB9 end of the SMART USB adapter cable to the other end of the DB9M/DB9M gender adapter First Published April 13, 2006 Last Updated March 6, 2008

Copyright To contact SMARTSupport, go to Use the remote control to reset the projector (see Resetting the projector). Turn off the computer, restart the projector, and then restart the computer and any other components you’re using.

Go to the Start screen. 2. The SMART Board software Help Center will then work correctly for the rest of your Help Center session.