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Intellisense Not Working Sql Server Management Studio


It may not be for a couple of reasons: There are certain parts of T-SQL grammar that IntelliSense doesn't yet understand. The next parameter which needs to be provided is displayed in bold. Have you installed Visual Studio 2010 Service Pack1? IntelliSence feature reads internal metadata and list all of the available objects and its properties thereby helping Database Developers, DBAs effectively and quickly write TSQL scripts.

Yet under Query menu IntelliSense Enabled is greyed out. In Books Online they document the syntax that is supported; unfortunately, there isn't an authoritative list of syntax that is not supported. IntelliSense is enabled by default but can be disabled by going to Tools ➜ Options ➜ Text Editor ➜ Transact SQL ➜ IntelliSense. Become a paid author